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Woodworking Projects – start off right

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Hello, my name’s Bill.

The most important aspect of any wood project is the quality of the woodworking patterns you start with. No matter what your level of skill, whether you’re experienced or at the  beginner woodworking stage, if you don’t start with good woodwork plans, then you’ve got no chance of success.

Bad plans and instruction means a bad end result.

A good, and easy to follow woodworking plan, means a good end result. In fact, it means a great finished item to be proud of.

And this applies ‘right across the board’, from rocking horse plans to crib plans, from bunk bed plans to bookcase plans, from crafts woodworking to expert woodworking carpentry.

Get it right from the beginning and a woodwork hobby is one of the most enjoyable pastimes there is.

Woodworking Patterns – quality is everything

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Passing on my knowledge of woodworking to others is one of my loves. Any kind of diy woodworking gives enormous satisfaction when you achieve the desired result.

Now, whether you’re a new woodworker, or you have years of experience, the end result is determined by the quality of the woodworking patterns you use. Above all, they must be accurate and easy to follow. If they’re not them you’ve got no chance of making anything good. I’ve seen plenty of people give up because of a bad woodworking design. And over the years I’ve thrown out more woodwork plans than I’ve kept.

So I’m happy to share my experience of carpentry and wood projects with you.

Woodworking Plans – the best of my collection

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Over the years I have gathered, and used, an enormous collection of woodworking books and woodworking plans covering just about everything you could think of to make things from wood. To read and study them all would take about 10 years. But what we’re interested in here is hand woodworking. I’m sure you don’t really want to learn about the building and construction industry, so I’ve whittled it down (pardon the pun!) to the very best of my collection.

Click here if you want to get started right away


Ok, there’s one person who I have enormous respect for when it comes to keeping things simple, and easy to follow, in woodworking design. His name is John Metz and he’s written articles for most (if not all) of the magazines relating to woodworking. His plans are always my first choice when starting a new project and I can’t thank him enough. So, I’m going to suggest that you get his collection of woodworking plans.

 They are downloadable straight from his website and there are thousands of them. And they have step-by-step instructions with diagrams and photos. There’s nothing else like them in the market today.

The only downside (if I can call it that) to John’s projects is that there are so many, easy to follow, instructions and diagrams that it’s tough to choose what to make first! When I first looked at his material, I couldn’t wait to get started and try it out. Everything from coaster plans and craft plans to gazebo plans and wishing well plans. And every kind of  DIY woodworking you can think of (you should see out dog house!)

Well that’s about it. Head over to John’s website now (you can click here) and take a look at what he’s offering you. I promise you won’t find better material anywhere.

Most of all, enjoy your woodworking,


Beginner Woodworking Projects

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DIY woodworking, woodworking patterns, wood projects and carpentry have been my work and hobby all my working life. If you’re looking to learn woodwork, then the woodworking plans I use are second to none – and I’ve seen a few over the years. So, from my experience in the world of woodworking, I’d like to show you what I believe to be the very best collection of woodwork plans. And don’t worry, I like these because they are very easy to understand and follow.